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it has 2 forms a pinkish 1 & a blueish 1. it is a ground & water type pokemon. u can also go 2 2 look it up Its search for food sometimes leads it onto land, where it leaves behind a sticky trail of slime as it passes through. The softness of its body helps disperse the force of impacts, so although its body is uncommonly squishy, it’s also surprisingly resilient. Read Gastrodon from the story Opinions on How Pokemon do Competitively by pokemonlover174 with 49 reads.

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Its body is covered in a sticky slime. 2021-02-13 Experiments are being conducted to discover what happens when a Gastrodon is raised in a location other than the sea where it was born. Ultra Sun When it’s attacked, it gushes a purple liquid that’s not poisonous but makes Gastrodon’s meat bitter and inedible. Gastrodon is a ground and water type Pokémon. ground type pokémons are strong against fire, electric, poison, rock, steel pokémons but weak against grass, bug pokémons. They are not affected by flying type pokémons.

Height 0.9 m; Weight 29.9 kg; Gender. Category Sea   Gastrodon was kinda forgettable.


Earth Power, Protect and more! Lucario. The most popular Pokémon to come out of the Sinnoh region without a doubt, Lucario is … Landorus-Therian. The Therian form of the Legendary Pokemon, Landorus, has been … 2019-12-23 2021-02-13 Read Gastrodon from the story Opinions on How Pokemon do Competitively by pokemonlover174 with 49 reads.

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Gastrodon weakness

Join False Swipe Gaming in this brief overview of Gastrodon in competitive  Jan 11, 2021 West Sea Gastrodon: Mud-Slap, Earth Power; East Sea Gastrodon: Mud-Slap, Earth Heatran has a double weakness to Ground-types. This page is about Pokemon Gastrodon Weakness,contains Gastrodon East Sea, Gastrodon West Sea Platinum—Rising Rivals,Quality Control Gastrodon [QC:  423 Gastrodon. 423. Gastrodon. East Sea. Ambipom 424.

Gastrodon weakness

Tackle 50. Muddy Bomb Weakness +30 Resistance-20 *Like, Comment and Subscribe for Pokemon and Sun & Moon content!-----Check These Out!-----VGC Movesets - 5/10 VGC - http: On top of that, Gastrodon's fantastic defensive typing gives it four resistances, an immunity to Electric-type moves, and only one weakness--Grass. It even has  Apr 8, 2021 With a single weakness to Grass and high Base HP, Gastrodon will fit just right in your team in a defensive position. As its Special Attack isn't  Gastrodon (トリトドン) is the 61st Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex. However, Gastrodon suffers greatly from its x4 weakness to Grass, as it is threatened by  Gastrodon can be found in the following areas: Route 218, Fuego Ironworks (tall grass; West Sea), Routes 205 and 218, Canalave City, Valley Windworks, Fuego   Gastrodon weaknesses. Gastrodon is weaker to Flying, Bug, Grass type Pokémon and vulnerable to Water, Grass, Ice type Pokémon in a battle. Mar 17, 2021 While it does have a 4x weakness to Grass, that shouldn't be a problem with Infernape's team.
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Gastrodon weakness

Pokémon by Pokemon GO Gastrodon Max CP, Evolution, Moves, Weakness, Spawns. Gastrodon  Pris (inkl. moms), 0,50 €. Pris (utan moms), 0,40 €.

Retreat Cost.
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2021-03-17 Top 10 Water Type Pokemon! is definitely a very Powerful yet Underrated Pokemon. Gastrodon has a good am Gastrodon has a solid niche as a special wall due to it possessing a great defensive typing in Water / Ground combined with a high HP stat and decent Special Defense.

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Gastrodon has more issues in Ultra League, and a max CP of only 2324 is one of them.

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Gastrodon is a Water- / Ground-type Pokémon introduced in Gen 4 and has the National Dex number #423. The Pokédex classifies it as the Sea Slug Pokémon. Top 10 Water Type Pokemon! is definitely a very Powerful yet Underrated Pokemon.

Category Whiskers Pokémon. Weight 29.9 kg. I believe everyone expects the Weakness Policy to be on Tyranitar, so I Dracovish and Trick Room are problems we need to consider, and Gastrodon helps in  Jan 28, 2021 With the release of Sword and Shield, Gastrodon's moveset stayed mostly Gigalith is weak to Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-typed  Mar 26, 2020 It doesn't have any 4x weaknesses but is still weak to Fighting or Ground types. With the exception of Charizard, who is immune, using a Ground-  Jan 9, 2020 Pokemon Sword and Shield news set to land in Nintendo's Pokemon Direct press conference and some details may have been leaked  Jul 24, 2019 The illness and dehydration can make you weak and tired. Seek medical attention if: Vomiting persists more than two days; Diarrhea persists  Dec 7, 2016 Gastrodon's island is located in Poni Island within the grass of Poni Wilds, Seafolk Village, Exeggutor Village and the Ancient Poni Path. May 19, 2016 Lv, Name, Type, Cat, Pow, Acc, PP, Range, DA. 1, Mud-Slap, Ground, Special, 20 , 100, 10, Normal.